We Are Hope


There seems to be a big push lately on social media regarding fire and EMS personnel being seen as “hope” for the public we serve. We offer a glimmer of hope to the people, no matter how bad the situation is.

“We are in the ‘bad day’ business”, I don’t remember where I saw that, but I wish I did so could give credit where credit is due. It is the simplest descriptor of our service. During those “bad day” situations, a big red screaming truck or an ambulance is seen as a ray of hope. When firefighters and EMTs exit those big, shiny trucks, we are seen with our clean and pressed uniforms, clean shaven faces and polished boots. FB_IMG_1433175477303Strong, professional men and women of the fire service put off a sense of control, and that sense of control is what is seen as hope. Confidence is control. Control is hope. Confidence grows from training.

That image, the way we look, our performance, and the way our house and apparatus look is what gives us the power to be trusted to handle anything we are called to. Have you figured out what I’m getting at yet?

PRIDE!!! Our image; be it the trucks, the uniform, the fire house or even our hair cut, is what shows the public how proud we are to do what we do. Physical fitness, confidence from training, and an overall sense of “calm before the storm” brings hope. Stemming from pride is confidence. Confidence is an instant relief to chaos. Besides physical appearance, the ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently builds on the confidence the public has in us.IMG_20150812_150116_3_2

So let your pride be so evident as to establish that ray of hope within your community.

~LT Cookie~

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