The Untouchables.

Every station has them, maybe one ,or maybe a pack of them. They are the highly trained book smart firefighters that have no on-the-job experience to back-up the fancy sheet of paper they achieved. Sometimes they like to trade war stories that end with, “i was outside searching the yard for tools.” These are the people that like to go to training burns and melt their shield and the 20 Stickers off of there helmet. So really what makes them untouchable?

funny-selfie-fireman-FBI’ve had the “honor” to experience a few of these so said masters of the fire service. These hotshot young guns of the fire service come straight out of the fire academy thinking that the little 64 hour class and 8 hour live burn makes them the best of the best and one of the seasoned guys. But when it comes to putting their money were their mouth is, they fail every time. Why is this and why are they still untouchable?

These people have the mindset that no matter what, they are better then everyone, and a belief that everyone is beneath them. They have a false sense of entitlement due to the fact they received a fancy sheet of paper that means nothing when you are just pushed along in a class without having to truly preform the tasks required. But what causes this mindset of entitlement? Is it an age thing? Is it a generational thing?

I can tell you now it is not an age thing. I’ve seen 40 year old grown men act like they are entitled to everything. I have also seen 18-19 year old’s that are grown responsible respectful and committed students tof the craft that never leave a page unturned. They work constantly to better their skills and brake the mold that is formed around the age difference in the fire service. But sadly, this is not always the case. Most of the time it is the young guys that bring those that earn their salt down in the fire service.


Signs to look for to see if you are dealing with an untouchable.

  • They have done that and some no matter if they finished the fire academy yesterday. they have done more then you have in 30 years on the job.
  • Brand New Helmet and shield with Burn marks and no true salt.
  • I fight what you fear decals……
  • They want to do it all and don’t want to go about it in the right steps.

How do we fix this? How do we deal with the so called untouchables?  Now i’m not very sure but i can tell you from what I’ve seen they for the most part weed them selves out after awhile. Now my idea of fixing it would be making sure that new members are mentored by the right members and that they understand that this is not a little league baseball team not everyone gets a juice box and trophy. Earn your place in this amazing brotherhood and pay your dues. No free rides in the brotherhood!fdqtr-clinton

Product Review

The Iron Fox Axe-updated

The Iron Fox “Breach” 7.5 lb Flathead Axe is up for review.

The axe arrived 17 November 2014  and immediately went into service. This version has the 28″ brown plastic handle. While it seems a bit short, the axe handle length is genuinely a personal preference I believe. The head of the axe is shaped with a chisel type blade, allowing the blade to “bust” through what you are cutting and has a wedge at the top of the blade resembling a common axe to allow for the creation of a purchase point when chopping. The flat side of the axe is square on the edges with a small dome to the head to allow for a solid striking surface at any angle.


The Iron Fox Axe has been primarily used for forcible entry and also for opening up walls and such to check for fire spread. The Iron Fox Axe is very wpid-snapchat-6950854926171305310.jpgtough, and has proven to be a perfect add-on to any tool compartment. This model does not have the notch to allow to married with a Halligan but has been used with a Halligan. At the beginning of April i received the notched version of the axe that allows it to marry to a Halligan. the handle on this one is wood and is 36 inches long.

The Iron Fox Axe marries beautifully and with a tight connection, allowing for a secure set of irons. The Iron Fox Axe appears to have a taller sharper lead point to it than the original has. The flat head part of it is the same. Again i wrapped the handle to suit myself for a little extra grip using hockey tape and this time used oxygen tubing under the tape. Our call volume hasn’t allowed recently for either axe to be really tested hard but I’m sure time will allow for a better test. Both axes are tough, balanced beautifully and have been a great addition to our “tool box”. If I had to choose between the 2 styles, which one i would prefer to keep, I personally would probably just buy them both.

4 years later….an update. These tools have been joined in the cabinet with another tool, that’s been reviewed here also and has its own purpose, the Iron Fox axes still continue to prove their worth. The handles are still original and while marred haven’t broken or needed repair. I have updated the handle wraps with Fire Maul Grip Kits and the combination is amazing! The heads have been painted. With some simple care of the heads and handles I don’t see why they shouldn’t last another 4-5 with out drastic repairs! Check them at the website below and buy a hat or a t-shirt while you’re there!