Making Your Way Around A ‘Trident Security’ Door




Built by SECURITECH is a one of the newest security systems introduced into the fire service in the past few years. Mainly seen on commercial buildings, however, they are growing with the prepping community and some residential homes. They are also being used more and more by Marijuana dispensaries. We have noticed these locking systems on doors in your Walgreens or CVS-style stores, located mainly on the C or D side of the building.

The system features multi-point locks for an exit door. Focusing on a 4-point locking system with stainless steel deadbolts; a stainless steel pry plate covers the main deadbolt and stainless steel thru-bolt plates.

SECURITECH offers two options for of locking mechanisms. The TEL-100 model is a manual locking system where a paddle on the interior has to be pulled for the system to lock. The TEL-200 model provides the same locking deadbolt protection but with a self re-locking system each time the door is closed. A pull handle is not installed on this door. A door closer is required for this style of self-locking system. Bolts on the exterior of the door near the top should indicate the door closer, but that may not always be the case. Some use of the framing square on panic style door latches may work if the pull paddle is installed. The TEL-100 system is the primary system that this technique will work on.

The system uses a standard 4-point locking system; three retractable bolts on the latch side and one bolt on the hinge side(non-retractable). Two additional locking points can also be added on the hinge side totaling six locking points. Locking bolts are free spinning to prevent a saw from cutting them. The bolts are made of stainless steel and are 5/8″ in diameter. The bolts could be set at different lengths into the door frame. This is depending on the installer and what is actually behind the frame i.e. backfilled with concrete, brick, or wood that the jamb is mounted to. The bolts are overall 7″ in length and installed high and low on the latch side of the door. The hinge side bolt is located in the center of the door near the jamb side. Other bolts could be placed high or low on the hinge side as well.

The Main Locking Mechanism

The main locking mechanism is located in the center of the door on the latch side. The latch is secured by six carriage bolts and a stainless steel cover that also extends over the jamb to prevent prying near the bolt. The “bolt” is actually a flat bar that is 1-1/4″ wide by 1/2″ thick and is connected to
the two other bolts above and below via a cable that is hidden in a piece of aluminum C-channel.

The door can be outfitted with an additional egress module that prevents thieves from being able to to grab and go out the door. This module is activated when the paddle is pushed to activate the door locks. It keeps the door locked for 15 seconds after the paddle is pushed. The paddle has to be held in the pushed position for the 15 seconds before the door will open. The module is usually placed above the locking mechanism on the very top of the door.




Used with permission from Truck Floor Training.

A side by side comparison to help show where or what is being locked on the inside. This door has a standard setup installed on it. There could be additional bolts on the hinge side of the door.


axeThe key to successful entry through this door is irons work with the GSF method. For the hinge lovers, the hinge side will be the least likely option to use due to a non-retracting deadbolt. Saw work will be difficult due to free spinning deadbolts and offset latches. Preplanning your first and second due area is going to be key when knowing what your up against. Due to the design and characteristics of the locking mechanisms, Command should be notified as soon as possible that entry will be delayed due to a fortified rear/side door. The firefighter will need to fall back on his or her training to be successful in gaining entry through this door. The standard placement of the irons may not work, however, knowing how to manipulate the tools, using the mechanical advantage and possibly using a roof hook for leverage, will get you through this door.


~East Coaster~

– Please note: The author of this article would like to remain anonymous.


ProBar Sarcasm



So you’re thinking of buying a ProBar?

I should start by saying that if you don’t like the ProBar, then stop reading this. NOW. If you are looking for a short description of the halligan mentioned, then I only have two words for you. “The Standard.” This bar is the key to the city.

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complain that she is not perfectly tuned, straight out of the box, you can count on getting hit in the face with a piece of re-bar and sent back to the engine company.

“It doesn’t have a shoulder strap?” No, it doesn’t! If you’re looking for a purse, then you can keep looking for a hybrid, Japanese produced, para-crap somewhere else.

If you’re thinking about a welded two-piece halligan, think again. The ProBar comes from a sixty-ton, drop-forged, raw, lava-eating press, operated by a guy that IMG_2896only has a few fingers left, in upstate New York. And forget about one of those super shiny, expensive, laser-cut halligans, because when you’re spotted with this American-made classic, there will be no
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If you think you’re ready to partake in some of the most epic door-forcing that the ProBar will tackle, then you better get your crew and your old lady ready for some damn changes around the station and your house, cause this shit will be happening.
What will be happening? I’m glad you asked……..

1. More chest hair. Instantly.
2. The squad company goes back to doing engine work.
3. Meat-only diet.
4. T-Rex as a pet.
5. Your crew will be going to every fire in the city.
6. Your balls will be the actual size you thought they were.
7. What door? Where? Show me.
8. Wire bristled toothbrush.
9. All male offspring.
10. Chief goes to you before buying new tools.
11. Chiseled jaw line.unnamed (2)
12. Not giving a damn.
13. Wife makes you bacon for breakfast everyday even when on shift.
14. Higher salary.
15. Flesh will be turning to steel.
16. Promotion.
17. You will appear bi-monthly on the cover of fire magazines.
18. Doors may open on their own as you walk up.
19. More window smashing.
20. More killing stuff.
21. More dead animals in the freezer.
22. Bigger TV.
23. Chuck Norris looks up to you.
24. Steaks or lobster (or both) for dinner…..every night.
25. The History Channel will do a week-long series about you.
26. Wrestling Godzilla for your warm-up workout.
27. Build awesome shit.
28. Bar fights.
29. You are immediately elected into the Illuminati.
30. Welding stuff.
31. Engine companies actually leave the front of the building open for the truck.
32. PBR anytime (except while on shift).
33. The most interesting man takes lessons from you.
34. You shotgun kegs instead of beer cans.
35. Taco Tuesdays are real.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

The ProBar has been carried through thousands of fires by men that make William Wallace look like a skirt-wearing little bitch. Like a trusty steed, this juggernaut has never failed to open a door. If you think you’ve worn her out, you drag this beast back to me, in any condition. I’ll handle the rest.

unnamed (1)But if you think you’re going to whip thirty inches of badassery around, you had better pony up two hundred and thirty-five dollars (+shipping)…..American green cash. You will not be sold this ProBar unless you are clearly a pure-blooded firefighter willing to tackle any lock side of a door. Otherwise…….don’t even think about it.


~East Coaster~

– Please note, that the author of this article would like to remain anonymous. Nonetheless, this is one extremely bad-ass read, and should be placed into Gospel (Just saying)…